Skip Hire for Beginners: Types and Sizes

If you are looking at hiring a skip for the first time, you might be unsure what options are available to you and which skip is right for your project. This guide will introduce you to the types and sizes of skips that are on offer. 

Mini — Midi — Maxi

The ideal skip for your project or business will depend on the type of waste and the amount you are producing. 

For those smaller household jobs, you can hire a mini skip (2 cubic yards) which can hold up to 25-30 bin bags worth of waste. This makes them perfect for small clear-outs, garden tidy-ups, and some basic room renovations.

Our midi skip (4 cubic yards) is used more by builders, and they can hold up to 30-40 bin bags. These skips are ideal for the medium sized jobs such as landscaping, home improvements, and more considerable renovation work and clear-outs.

For heavy building work, such as a large kitchen or bathroom renovation, you will likely require a maxi skip (8 cubic yards), holding up to 60-80 bin bags worth of waste. These are particularly useful for property construction, landscaping, and full house clearances.


Mini — Midi — Maxi Sizes

If in doubt, please
get in touch with our friendly customer service team by calling 0161 703 8592. They are happy to help and can talk you through these options to assist you in finding the right skip hire solution for your project. 

We also have a handy video walk through guide, with demonstrations by our founder, Ted Kenny, so that you can get a useful visual and gain an understanding of how these skips are used.

You will need a permit if your skip needs to be placed on the road, which our team will sort out for you when you book your skip. A maxi skip (8 cubic yards) is the largest size of skip allowed to be placed on a public highway, and it’s also the largest size we would recommend for your average household driveway or private parking space. 

Larger Chain Lift Skips

A 12 cubic yard skip (90-120 bin bags) can be used for larger volumes of construction and mixed commercial waste, including heavy waste such as brick and block. However, these skips should always contain some lighter wastes, such as wood or cardboard packaging, and not be more than half full of heavy waste. Chain lift skips, which range from 2 cubic yards up to 16 cubic yards, cannot be filled with any more than 7 tonnes of waste.

If you need a skip that keeps your waste dry, e.g. plasterboard, or secure from fly-tippers, we offer a 14 cubic yard enclosed skip (105-140 bin bags). This skip should be used for light waste that is small in size.

A 16 cubic yard skip (120-160 bin bags) is our largest size chain lift skip. As such, these skips are an ideal solution for disposing of large volumes of light, low-density waste.


Larger Chain Lift Skips


Are you unsure about what sort of waste you can place in a skip? You can find waste tips and learn more about non-permissible waste types and the other solutions we offer on our website.

Roll-On Roll-Off Skips

The largest skip sizes are roll-on roll-off (RoRo skips) that are transported using a flatbed HGV with a higher max weight. They are perfect for high volumes of waste, but not suitable for your average driveway. Across the board, all roll-on roll-off skips have a whopping 15-tonne capacity, as the more powerful vehicle allows for a higher safe and legal limit. 

If you have plenty of room on your site, and high volumes of waste to dispose of, a RoRo skip may present the right solution. In plain terms, a RoRo is a high-capacity skip that is literally rolled in and out of position, hence the name. 

We offer a range of RoRos, with open and enclosed options available, they range in size from 20 cubic yards to 35 cubic yards.


Roll-On Roll-Off Skips

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For any business, construction project, or DIY, from fitting a new kitchen to clearing the garden, skip hire can provide real time-saving waste solution. This guide is intended to help you to understand which skip is right for your business or project, but if you are still unsure, you can always call our friendly team on 0161 703 8592 and they will be happy to assist you. 

Kenny Skip Hire offers reliable service, great communication, and environmental responsibility is always guaranteed. We persistently seek to recycle and recover the waste we receive, and we are active and innovative in finding further uses for the waste materials we process.

We look forward to hearing from you. Once you are ready to book your skip, you can either call our team or book online